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Act Digital helps you get more traffic on your website from the search engine results, with the latest tricks and techniques. Every business sector has a different target audience and different keywords which they use to find products/ services. Act Digital offers you the best SEO services in India with the team of restless SEO experts, so that people can find your product/ services easily. Stay updated with Google and other search engine’s algorithm and leverage them to outshine your competitors, with Act Digital.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

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Technical SEO

Technical configuration of a website plays an important role in search engine ranking. The website’s speed, loading time, code efficiency, mobile responsiveness, URLs, SSL, etc. needs to be analysed and optimized regularly for achieving and maintaining good rankings.


On-page SEO

Each and every page of the website needs to be optimized with regards to page title, meta descriptions, page headers, and keywords in the textual content. These are small but significant things which in-turn lead you to better ranking and conversion rate.


Off-page SEO

Apart from own website pages, there are certain off-page factors which influence the ‘domain authority’ and overall search engine ranking. Social Media & Backlinks are some of the factors through which the search engine defines utility & credibility of a website.


Local SEO

Apart from the global rankings of websites, Google also displays a specialized ranking for local/ regional businesses. Local SEO increases the quality & quantity of leads. The requirements & techniques for ranking in top local businesses are different from regular SEO.


Voice SEO

With the rise of virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa and OK Google, search engine queries once done through text are also done through voice. It requires clearly defined questions – answers and many other Voice SEO techniques to rank high on voice search results.

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Reputation Management

Apart from the SEO, people also rely on the ratings and reviews on Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Ratings and reviews on other platforms also have indirect impact on your reputation. Hence, we need to constantly manage the online reputation.

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