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Act Digital specializes in creating totally customized websites for a wide range of purposes – informative/ corporate/ eCommerce/ entertainment/ educational/ landing pages/ forums/ news portal/ etc. Every website requires an ideal developm1ent technology to withstand the expected traffic and allow easy maintenance later-on. Act Digital offers you the best website development services in India for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Open Cart, Woo-Commerce, Laravel and PHP technologies.

CMS Website Development

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WordPress is one of the most famous platform to create Content Management System (CMS) website. A WordPress website is easy to manage, offers amazing functionalities with plug-ins, SEO friendly, and totally responsive as per the device it is viewed on.

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Jumla is also one of the leading CMD web development platforms. The best part about Jumla is – it supports eCommerce. Also, Jumla offers you amazing design templates, extension plug-ins, easy management & updates, and it offers amazing security for the website.

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Drupal is a web development technology which is known for amazing User Experience (UX). A Drupal website is faster, easily scalable, highly secure, and it offers amazing functionalities with a huge range of extensions; to ultimately create a great user experience.

Ecommerce Website Development

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Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce portal development technologies today. Magento is very powerful – you can host unlimited number of products and can withstand huge traffic on your platform. It is customizable, SEO friendly and it also has a faster loading speed.



OpenCart is a very promising technology for creating an eCommerce platform. An OpenCart website can easily integrate add-ons, shipping modules, payment gateways, analytics and product details to render a great user experience. It is a simple yet elegant platform for eCommerce.



WooCommerce is inarguably one of the best eCommerce development platform today. WooCommerce has been created by WordPress and it offers thousands of tools third-party themes & plugins. It is also very popular amongst start-ups because of the cost advantage it offers.

Custom Website Development


Laravel PHP

Laravel is a PHP based backend development framework. It is the best for creating customized websites and web apps. It has the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Laravel backend can be coupled with leading frontend frameworks such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

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